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Hi, so perhaps you can help me with understanding the higgs boson a little further. I understand what the higgs does and how the higgs field works. What I would like to know is why is everyone referring to what CERN found as a higgs-like boson. How does this found particle differ from the proposed properties of the higgs boson?

Hi, sorry to be so long in getting to this.

The reason that the particle discovered is being referred to as ‘Higgs-like’ and never officially called the Higgs specifically is because the only thing we know about it for certain is that it has the same mass that the Higgs is predicted to have.

There is no evidence as to what this particle actually does. 

The purpose of the Higgs is to specifically mediate that phenomenon of mass. This new-found particle may not do that. It may do something completely different.

There is also a small possibility that this is one of many particles in a set of Higgs type particles. Similar to how there are different types of Quark (Up, Down, Top, Bottom, Strange, Charm), there could be different sets of Higgs.

We don’t know yet. All we know is that this particle exists, and we know its mass is similar to the Higgs’ predicted mass.

This is all very exciting, now we get to devise all number of new experiments in order to determine what this thing does do. I’m looking forward to it greatly.